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Profhilo Review: The New Injectable Moisturiser (With Before And After Pictures)

Profhilo Review: The New Injectable Moisturiser (With Before And After Pictures)

Profhilo seems to be the new kid on the block when it comes to injectables and we are living for it! Commonly known as an “injectable moisturiser”- we know, it can sound pretty daunting. You may be asking how this new technology can rival your everyday night cream and we’re here to tell you that it can be a real game changer for your skincare!

profhilo review profhilo before and after pictures
(Credit: La Clinic)

Profhilo treatments consist of injecting one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid (HA) to the deeper layers of your skin, boosting your skin’s hydration levels from within. It’s great for helping skin laxity and aging skin as it promotes skin rejuvenation, hydration and collagen stimulation. So if you feel like your glass skin days are over, Profhilo just might be the answer!

The treatment process includes five injection points on each side of the face situated far from the major nerves and blood vessels, hence allowing for maximum diffusion and reducing the risk of bruising and complications. Thereby making this a good starter for those new to invasive aesthetic treatments.

While Profhilo can instantly rejuvenate the skin, it usually takes about four to six weeks for the effects to truly show due to the time required for collagen to be stimulated within the body. It is recommended to have two sessions one month apart when first taking Profhilo, followed by subsequent maintenance treatments with two sessions every six months.

If you've heard of skin boosters, you're probably wondering what's the difference? Profhilo has little to no downtime compared to skin boosters and are more suitable for aging skin due to its collagen stimulating formula.

Intrigued by this fascinating skincare treatment, Vivi went down to La Clinic to try out Profhilo. Here’s a Profhilo  review with her first impressions, followed by before and after pictures. 

Profhilo Review: First Impressions

Now the big question when it comes to injectables is often- does it hurt? Before the needle, the doctor will administer a numbing cream to the face. Upon injecting, Vivi commented that she felt a little tightness to her skin. The numbing cream left her face feeling desensitized for half a day, so we’d probably recommend not doing Profhilo right before an important event. Overall, in terms of pain and discomfort, we’d rate it pretty low. We do have to credit the skill of Dr. Wong at La Clinic when it comes to Vivi’s pain-free experience. La Clinic also gave Vivi pigmentation cream to help even out her skin. Feel free to check out our Facebook Live of Vivi’s experience at La Clinic where some FAQs are answered by Dr. Wong himself!

Profhilo Review: Before And After Pictures

vivi cheo profhilo review before and after pictures
Vivi's Profhilo Progress Pictures

Between Day 1 to Day 4, Vivi’s skin started to appear tighter and less tired. There were noticeable differences on Day 4 as Vivi mentioned that she felt that her face was more lifted compared to Day 1. On Day 11, you can see that Vivi has a more dewy complexion, finer pores and less pronounced smile lines. Over the course of the two weeks, we started to see drastic improvements in Vivi’s complexion, giving her a more youthful glow.

Does Profhilo live up to the hype? Definitely! Achieving youthful glass skin in a span of a few days seems to be every woman’s dream and it’s amazing to think that it is finally possible with the help of Profhilo.  

Vivi’s Profhilo journey doesn’t end here! After a month’s wait, she will be heading down to La Clinic for a second round of Profhilo injections on May 15th 2021. We’re super stoked to see her continued progress and if you’re keen on catching Vivi on her next session, make sure to tune in to our Facebook page for Vivi’s Profhilo Facebook Live broadcasting on May 15th 11am. Considering starting your own Profhilo journey? Well you’re in luck! We're having a collaboration with La Clinic which entitles first-time Profhilo clients to a free stem cell cream and serum (worth $450) when they quote "VIVICHEO" when making a booking, limited to first 10 slots! Make sure to catch Vivi's live on May 15th for more insides on Vivicheo exclusive deals. 

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