5 Fun Things To Do For Mother's Day For Every Type Of Mom

It’s that time of the year again where we’re scratching our heads wondering how we can show our appreciation for the most important woman in our lives. We find that the best way to melt a mother’s heart is by taking her to do something we know she’d like! Here’s our list of fun things to do for Mother’s Day catered to every type of mom, from the homebody to the foodie. 

Mother’s Day Activities For The Mom With A Sweet Tooth

1. Go for high tea

high tea sofitel singapore fun things to do for mothers day

(Credits: Sofitel Singapore City Centre)

If you’ve got the mom that rarely skips on desserts, we highly recommend taking her for high tea! She’ll love the adorable trays of delectable cakes and pastries to satiate her sweet tooth. There are many high tea places that offer Mother’s Day sets. Our favourite one is at Sofitel Singapore City Centre. They partnered with local brand L’eclair Patisserie to bring to you a scrumptious Mother’s Day high tea set that is sure to leave your mouth watering. One of their key menu highlights is four signature mini eclair flavours- Isaphan, Lemon Meringue, Kaya Pandan and Paris Brest. At the end of your visit, you’ll also receive a mini Maison21G Paris roll-on perfume as a take home gift for your mom, perfect for remembering the occasion! 

Mother’s Day Activities For The Homebody Mom

2. Cook something together

mom cooking with kid fun things to do for mothers day(Credits: Mathilde Langevin / Unsplash

If you’ve got a mom that prefers cosy home gatherings instead of the loud outdoors, you’ve got a homebody mom! This activity is also great for those looking to stay in this season. The recipes to cook can range from learning one of your mother’s secret recipes, or perhaps trying out a new one! We’re sure your mom would love to share some of her classic recipes with you to pass down. As they always say- home is where the heart is… but it’s also where the best food is.

Mother’s Day Activities For The Beauty Guru Mom

3. Go for a mother daughter manicure

cheobeau gel manicure nail art fun things to do for mother's day
(Credits: Cheo Beau)

If you’ve got a mom that loves going the extra mile when it comes to beauty, she’ll love a mother-daughter manicure! This is a great activity to hype up the mood for Mother’s Day as you can get matching sets with your mom. The process of getting the manicure makes for a great bonding session to catch up on recent events and unwind. Our favourite nail salon right now is Cheo Beau. They’re opening a store in Breadtalk IHQ in mid-May near Tai Seng MRT station. Make sure to stay tuned to Cheo Beau's Facebook or Instagram for their opening specials and discounts to snag your mom the best deal. If she’s not in the mood for nails, Cheo Beau also specialises in lashes and brows too!

Mother’s Day Activities For The DIY Mom

4. Join a floral arrangement workshop

fleuriste flower arrangement workshop fun things to do for mother's day(Credits: Fleuriste)

If your mom’s always had a knack for DIY crafts, she’ll love a hands-on experience with a floral arrangement workshop. Flower bouquets have always been a staple of Mother’s Day and other special occasions, so why not take this to the next level by making one from scratch with your mom! Not only does she finish the workshop with a beautiful flower bouquet, she’ll also be able to make precious memories with you! We recommend checking out Fleuriste for an extensive range of floral arrangement workshops, ranging from intensive courses to one-day hobby workshops.

Mother’s Day Activities For The Mom That Needs A Rest

5. Go for a spa together

spa massage fun things to do for mother's day
(Credits: Alan Caishan / Unsplash

We’re sure there are many moms that would fit under this category, as we all know- being a mother is a full time job and it can get oh-so tiring. A good ole reliable activity is a classic spa day! You could treat your mum to a spa day with a relaxing massage or you could join her for a fun bonding session. We recommend heading down to Four Seasons Hotel Singapore to check out their selection of spa rituals featuring scrubs, wraps and massages (perhaps you can merge this with a fun little staycation too)!

Have fun with our list of things to do for Mother’s Day!

We hope this article has helped fill your head with some ideas on what to do for Mother’s Day. If you’re a mother yourself, feel free to share this article to your family and see what they’ve got planned for you. Do remember to start booking for the activities that will take place outside and have a Happy Mother’s Day!