5 Simple Living Room Decor Ideas To Revamp Your Living Space

If you’ve spent the majority of the past year working from home, you’re probably with us when we say- we’re getting a bit bored of our living room. Thankfully, as the clouds are starting to clear and the horizons are looking oh-so promising- there’s no better way to welcome a new chapter into our lives than a little interior decor revamping! Spruce up your living space with our list of simple living room decor ideas to help bring up your energy. 

Check Out Our List Of Living Room Decor Ideas!

1. Bring in some light

living room decor idea lamp

(Credit: Patrick Perkins / Unsplash)

While having ceiling lights checks the boxes in terms of bare necessities, introducing the concept of mood lighting can do wonders to your living room. Adding portable light fixtures like table lamps or floor lamps in the right places will help to make the room look and feel more intimate. For a stylish and affordable option, we recommend IKEA. Warm lights are great for dining, as they make the food appear more appetizing. It also offers a sense of cosiness due to its low brightness, making it easy on the eyes. 

2. Add in some throw pillows

throw pillow cactus plants living room decor ideas

(Credit: Designecologist / Unsplash)

One of our favourite living room decor ideas is throw pillows! Not only do they tie the room together, they’re also great for showcasing a bit of personality. You can change up the colours of your throw pillows based on the holiday seasons, hunt for unique designs or even customise your own to add that personal touch. Not to mention, they make your couch extra comfortable! You can also match your throw pillows with a throw blanket, making it the perfect napping corner for your afternoon snooze.

3. Introduce plants into the mix

rose plants living room decor ideas

(Credit: photographybyifrah/Unsplash)

Another simple living room decor idea is to introduce plants into the picture. Plants can include fresh flowers, potted plants or even synthetic plants. Most potted plants are good for the Feng Shui of your living space so feel free to check out the best plants most suited for your element. Not only do live plants help to brighten up the room, they also have air purifying properties! Place your plants near the window so that it gets ample sunlight, and make sure to water them daily to keep your plants from wilting. 

4. Place an aroma diffuser

pristine aroma reed diffusers living room decor idea

(Credit: Pristine Aroma)

Aside from purely aesthetic living room decor ideas, the smell of your living room definitely plays a part in the overall environment. Try giving your living room a signature scent with the help of aroma reed diffusers. However, it is important to pick a reliable brand as you’ll be taking in the fragrance throughout the day. We recommend sticking with brands that use more natural essential oils over fragrance oils, as they offer better aromatherapy properties to your living space! Our favourite aroma reed diffuser brand is Pristine Aroma. Not only are they a local brand, which we are all for supporting, their aroma reed diffusers are well-designed, have a higher proportion of essential oils and use premium rattan seed diffuser sticks for long-lasting fragrance. 

5. Add in a room divider screen

room divider screen living room decor idea

(Credit: Dimitri Zvolskiy / Pexel)

Getting a room divider screen is one of the most popular living room decor ideas right now! It’s great for those looking to add some dimension to their living room area. It’s also popular amongst those looking to secure a bit of privacy for a makeshift office space. Either ways, we are absolutely in love with this partition aesthetic! You can get them in an array of designs ranging from oriental prints to basic wooden pieces. The best part about these room divider screens is that they’re affordable and you can always switch them out with different designs whenever you’re looking for another redecoration!

Spruce up your space with our list of living room decor ideas!

There you have it! We hope that our list of living room decor ideas has given you some inspiration on how to renew your living space. We recommend deciding on a theme, like rustic, minimalist or retro. This helps narrow down the designs for your throw pillows, room divider screens and maybe even your aroma reed diffusers!